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The following replacement parts are available.
Should you need to replace other parts, please contact Hydromix®.
Images do no represent relative size.
Item Description Part #
Angle Seat Valve, 3/4"
Bearing, Auger Shaft End New: MD5-004

Old: 1508-2
Bearing, Stand-off design New: MD5-006

Old: 1508-2A
Flipper, Reversible New: UR1-019

Old: 1507-1EU
Bypass Door Gasket New: UR1-011

Old: 1509-3B1
Center Bottom Door Gasket New: UR1-014

Old: 1511-1
Horizontal Door Gasket New: UR1-001

Old: 1512-1B
Nozzle Gasket New: UR1-003

Old: 1504-6FG
Outer Bottom Door Gasket New: UR1-013

Old: 1510-3A
Vertical Door Gasket New: UR1-012

Old: 1512-2C
Lube Seal Bushing New: UR1-009

Old: 1508-1
Lube Seal Bushing for Oil Seal New: UR1-010

Old: 1508-1B
Lube Tube New: MX8-003

Old: 1508-LT
Mount Foot New: UR1-005

Old: 1506-8
Nozzle (master) New: UR1-017

Old: 1504-6F
Nozzle Nut New: MX8-005

Old: 1504-P-STL
Seal Half, Original

Seal Half, Improved
( For keyed shafts only )
(Requires 2 of 1507-8B below
for each half)
New: UR1-007

Old: 1507-8A1
Seal Half, Improved
( For older machines without keyways in shaft. )
(Requires 2 of 1507-8B below
for each half)
New: UR1-008

Old: 1507-8A2
Wing Nut New: MX5-016

Old: 1509-4A
Tube End Filler New: UR1-004

Old: 1506-10A
VA Series Water Valve
(Beginning with Hydromix® model 3000:6)
New: BR3-005

Old: 1504-3APR
Wear Shoe
Cast iron, case hardened
New: MX5-014

Old: 1507-2A6
Speedy Sleeve
(Beginning with model 3000:6)
New: MX3-008

Old: 1507-7A
Oil Seal
(Beginning with model 3000:6)
New: MX3-005

Old: 1507-7B
Cog belt pulley

Sizes and styles differ between feed and blend, and application.

Call for help
Cog pulley bushing

Sizes and style differ to fit the pulley.

Call for help
Cog belt

1890 14M 55 for feed side

2100 14M 55 for blend side


Center bottom door MX5-018
Outer bottom door MX5-022
Wear Shoe mounting hardware
Split washer
Seal Hardware New: FA1-010

Old: 1507-8B

T-handle 3/16" ball end Allen wrench.
For installing Improved Half Seal hardware.
New: TO1-001

Old: 1507-8W
Bolt to secure handle to vertical doors. (longer) New: FA1-008

Old: 1512-1B1
Bolt to secure handle to horizontal doors. (shorter) New: FA1-009

Old: 1512-2C1

Bolt used when installing new stand-off type bearing.
(Requires 4 per bearing)
New: FA1-007

Old: 1508-4
Hydromix® reserves the right to alter design at any time.
If you cannot find the part that you expect, or if the new part
looks different from your old part and you are unsure of compatibility,
please contact Hydromix®.