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About the Hydromix 3000
"The plant performance has improved from load cycles of 6 1/2 minutes per 10 yard batch to 3 minutes from start of batch to completion of discharge."
"The improved performance of the plant has allowed us to add yardage without adding trucks."
"The simplicity of the design makes maintenance and operation much less costly than our central mix plant."
"The uniformity and consistency of the concrete produced has improved dramatically."
"The Hydromix® team has been excellent to work with from purchase through installation and startup."
"We have been able to reduce truck clean up time after loading and at the end of the day because there is almost no dust while loading and no dry material to build up in the hoppers and fins."
"Our customers have commented on improved workability and finishability of our concrete."
"Our compressive strengths have been higher after installing Hydromix®."
"I planned to add to my fleet to handle my increased demand, but the Hydromix® got my trucks out of the yard so much faster that I no longer need to."