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Got a dust problem?   What dry batch plant doesn't?
This shows the original condition of this plant without the Hydromix® system operating.   This shows the same plant with a Hydromix® system operating.
You can hang some spray bars around the truck charging area and catch some of the dust, just to deliver it to the barrel surfaces, the truck frame rails, brakes, electrical system and plant structure where it can become a real problem. What doesn't stick to these surfaces ends up elevating the ground water pH to environmentally dangerous levels.

You could purchase an expensive dust collection system to gather the dust in. But when you are batching with hot water, how will it handle the moisture from the steam it collects along with the cement dust?
The best solution is to avoid dust altogether. With the patented Hydromix® 3000 slurry mixer installed beneath your weigh hopper, your dry batch plant essentially becomes an closed system that can eliminate dust by turning it into slurry. Our mixer can typically blend more than 60 lbs. (25 kilos) of cement per second with the batch water to produce a consistent slurry. Our control system allows a wide range of water/cement ratios from very wet to extremely dry slurry using regular, heated or chilled water.

With traditional dust control systems, all you get for your investment is some level of dust control. With the Hydromix® 3000 slurry mixer our customers report a decrease in truck wear and maintenance, decreased fin pack, decreased slump loss, elimination of dry cement balls, maximized concrete strength, improved product workability and consistency, a decrease in after-load cleanup, and other benefits along with dust control. Does this process result in any loss of speed? Not at all. In fact, some of our customers have actually decreased truck load times.

Does the Hydromix® 3000 slurry mixer really work? Ask our customers who have installed their second and third and more machines.

The Hydromix® slurry mixer provides a long list of advantages to the typical dry batch readymix plant. It is not a 100% dust control system precisely because of some of its benefits. One of those features is that powders can be batched through the machine without water.
When adjusted properly, our mixer can eliminate or substantially reduce dust problems. Our customers and several state environmental agencies are satisfied that our mixer provides adequate dust control. However, under certain circumstances and in some plants, Hydromix® may be unable to eliminate all dust. These include, but are not limited to, plants that provide irregular flows of cement, dry or extremely low water mix designs with insufficient water to wet the powders, and operator error.