Hydromix Logo Features and Components

  The HYDROMIX 3000 mixer is the heart of the system. This is where the dry powders are combined with the batch water to create a superior slurry.

Control Container Back panel
The high voltage panel is built to operate at your plant's voltage. It provides control for all of the HYDROMIX motors and clean, stable power to the PLC panel and the operator interface computer. It contains starter controls for the blend screw motor and the high pressure water pump, and variable speed control for the feed screw that provides for proper cement flow to maintain an even water/cement ratio.
We build our own control panels in our UL approved shop.

  The low voltage PLC panel controls the system. Motors are regulated, high pressure water injection jet valves are actuated to control the water/cement ratio, load cells are monitored... everything that is necessary to produce the best readymix concrete ever.

The operator interface is a standard Windows PC with our own custom software package designed to allow the user the greatest number of options, while requiring minimal monitoring.
The computer is housed in the enclosure above where it is shielded from the usually harsh environment of a ready mix company, with a remotely connected monitor, keyboard and mouse available at the dispatch desk.
  Monitor, keyboard and mouse