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  We've been inviting you for years to:
Convert your existing dry batch readymix plant
into a wet batch plant --
for a fraction of the cost of a central mix plant!

Control dust, increase strength, improve batch times, decrease truck wear, and more.
  Now we have scientific proof Hydromix® concrete is superior to central mix!
  In a $10 million research project sponsored by the Iowa Highway Research Board and the Federal Highway Administration at Iowa State University, published Sept. 2007, the Hydromix® Slurry batching system was proven to produce superior concrete. An extensive series of tests were performed to determine the best way to enhance concrete homogeneity, strength and workability using several methods and different equipment including our system. The results were decisive. The Hydromix® slurry mixing system was proven in both concept and practice to make the best concrete. Better than other slurry mixing systems and better than central drum mixers. Best concrete, best price. Best return on investment. Read about it.

Find out how adding the
to your dry batch readymix plant

Virtually Eliminates--

  * Batch dust ** Cement balls in loads

Dramatically Improves--

  Fin and barrel life Loading speed
  Water dispersion in Cement Product workability
  Readymix quality and consistency

Significantly Reduces--

  After load cleanup Mixing time
  Fin pack accumulation Total water usage
  Truck wear and maintenance Plant maintenance
  Batch plant environmental impact Slump loss in transit

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