Hydromix Logo A Brief Introduction
Articles in trade publications such as Concrete Producer and Concrete Products have created new industry buzz words. "Super hydration" and "zeta potential" are terms related to benefits derived from high speed blending of cementitious materials with water and some admixtures into slurry prior to introduction into a mixer.
Two common methods to accomplish this are:
  • Paddle Style -- gravity dumps the slurry into the mixer.
  • Cyclone or Vortex Style -- slurry pumped into the mixer.
These processes claim cost saving features, but are limited in their water/cement ratios and require expensive installations, including automation modifications.
We offer the best alternative method -- the patented HYDROMIX 3000. Our process produces a continuous and positive flow of consistently super-hydrated slurry at a wide range of water/cement ratios.
Feeding this slurry onto the aggregates when charging the mixer truck is termed slurry batching. Simply stated, converting your present plant from dry batching to slurry batching yields many of the benefits of a traditional wet batch plant, while minimizing the cost and disruption during the conversion process.
Our equipment is designed to retro-fit into existing dry batch plants with minimal modification and our control process seamlessly integrates with your existing automation.
When you need to tighten up a load, or want to dry batch for some other reason, cement and/or fly ash can be batched through the HYDROMIX® completely dry.
You may also choose to bypass the HYDROMIX® to dry batch on weekends or other limited yardage days. Opting to bypass the HYDROMIX® is as simple as flipping a switch and fitting the bypass chute and sock.
HYDROMIX® provides a fast, economical and positive slurry mixing system for blending water and dry powder materials.
HYDROMIX® can and does run cement and flyash at a rate of up to and exceeding 50 lbs. per second, in a wide range of water/cement ratios....production rate will depend on your plant capabilities and truck hopper rate of acceptance.
Cement and fly ash are metered through the HYDROMIX® by varying the speed of the feed screw to guarantee a consistent target rate resulting in a uniform water/cement ratio.
High pressure water is injected into the cementitious powders as they pass through the blend tube and are HYDROMIX®ed into slurry before being forcibly discharged onto the aggregate flow at the truck charging hopper.
This process eliminates dust in those batches where the slurry water/cement ratio is at or above 0.12 : 1. Slurry water/cement ratio refers only to the ratio of available water to be mixed with the cement into slurry, the final ready mix water/cement ratio will include aggregate moisture and likely be higher.
Dry cement balling is virtually eliminated under such high sheer mixing conditions.
Fin packing can be virtually eliminated.
Mixer truck wear and maintenance are reduced.
Cement strength is maximized.
Slump loss during transit is minimized.