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Water Nozzles
Hydromix® nozzles are designed to maximize pressure, control volume and deliver high pressure washing, while minimizing wear.
Slurry manufacturing requires a combination of cement and water flow control. Precise nozzles add flexibility to that flow control. Nozzles come ready to be drilled to the desired size. The following chart will help calculate the desired flow rates. Add the rate for each nozzle from the chart below to approximate your needs. Install your drilled nozzles in the mixer as instructed in the manual. Use the Auto-nozzle Setup utility in the Hydromix® control system to determine the actual delivery rates. Adjust from there and keep careful notes.
Nozzle Drill Sizes: rated @ 120 psi
Size GPM LPM dec. mm GPS LPS
1/8" 3.5 12 .125 3 .058 .22
3/16" 8 30 .1875 4.5 .133 .5
1/4" 16 60 .25 6.75 .266 1
5/16" 24 90 .3125 8 .40 1.5
3/8" 36 135 .375 9.5 .60 2.25
Nozzle installation & maintenance:
With a firm grip you can drill nozzles held in your hand with a cordless drill but best results are achieved using a drill press, so as to avoid damaging the spray cup; the polyurethane tends to pull the drill in faster than expected.
The orifice will wear larger with time so it is important to check each nozzle periodically for this as well as for physical plug-ups. Nozzles with smaller orifices, especially those at positions 1 and 5 which may spray less often than the others, may plug with slurry pressed up into the hose. To determine if a nozzle orifice is still the original size, remove the hose from the nozzle and insert the blunt end of a drill bit to check for tightness. Replace the nozzle and/or the hose.
When installing new nozzles, lubricate the surfaces of the nozzle gasket and the threads of the nozzle nut using a good quality marine or silicone grease.
Any time you make any changes in the water delivery system, from our pump to our nozzles, including your meter, you must re-run the Auto-nozzle setup utility in the Hydromix® control system or the system will not perform properly.