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Hydromix Logo Hydromix® Test Results
The tests represented in this page were conducted by one of our customers with a regular dry batch plant, and a Hydromix® equipped plant in the same geographical location (within 25 miles), similar weather and materials supplied from the same sources. Each of the tests were as close to the same times of day as possible on the same days. Every effort was made to ensure that the side-by-side tests were as identical as possible, with the exception being the Hydromix® mixer. While Hydromix® personnel were on hand, we did not participate beyond observation. All testing was managed by the customer's regional quality control manager. The customer was a major international producer.

While we believe the results herein are reproducible, in fact we have had customers tell us they routinely see tests that verify significant strength gain, we do not guarantee that anyone will or can do so. We post these results to show what we, and our customers, believe to be an apparent increase in concrete quality. Whether any person or ready mix plant is able to do so is entirely dependent upon themselves.

At the bottom of this page you will find three tabs, "Introduction", "Data", "Chart" that will lead you to the test results. You are now looking at "Introduction". Please feel free to browse the other tabs.