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The Patented Hydromix® Method
Of Slurry Mixing & Batching
Your automation system sets the aggregate feed rate, cement and batch water quantities. The operator selects the cement target rate on the Hydromix® setup screen to ribbon feed the slurry throughout the flow of aggregates.
Our system calculates the water/cement ratio based on information captured from your batch system. We maintain this ratio throughout the loading process by controlling both cement and water flow as we force them together with our high speed blending screw.
Dry powders are choke-fed from the weigh-batcher into the Hydromix® variable speed feed screw, which meters them into the high speed blend screw.
High pressure water from the Hydromix® supplied pump is injected into the high-shear blending environment, yielding a steady flow of the industry's most consistent slurry.
What does the resulting product look like?
This is Hydromixed concrete taken from a plant with good ribbon fed loading. The excellent degree of mixing shown here is a result of slurry exiting a Hydromix® mixer onto the aggregate flow just after it leaves the aggregate belt and enters the truck's loading hopper, before it reaches the barrel fins. This sample has not been mixed in the truck or by any other mechanical means.
This is Hydromixed slurry, captured in a ziplock bag and allowed to cure. There are evident air pockets trapped between the baggie and the slurry, and some air bubbles inside but note there is no dry powder. Note how smooth a mix is represented.
(The air is due to enclosure in a sealed container of slurry, the Hydromix® system does not incorporate additional air into concrete.)